No horrors for trick-or-treaters with the warmest Halloween on record


The heat is on in the UK this Halloween as Wales enjoys its warmest October 31 on record.

Trick-or-treaters are enjoying balmy weather as the mercury rose to 22.2C (71.96F) in Trawsgoed, Ceredigion, and remained in the high teens for many other areas.

The temperatures are significantly higher than the 12C-13C (53.6F-55.4F) maximum UK average for the month of October.

A worker blows leaves on the streets
(Nick Ansell/PA)

While revellers can look forward to a mild evening, the weather is set to return to normal later this week with the appearance of some wintry showers.

Met Office forecaster Tom Crocker said: "There will be a big change from the very mild weather that we've had over the last few days to much cooler but much more typical weather for the time of year.

"It's really just coming back down to what you'd expect for the end of October, start of November."

Maximum day temperatures for Halloween in previous years are 20.8C (69.4F) in 2015, 23.6C (74.5C) in 2014, 15C (59F) in 2013 and 13.8C (56.8F) in 2012.

Halloween pumpkin
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Hilly areas in the far north of Scotland can expect some snow on Tuesday, while wintry showers are forecast for high ground in the north of England and Scotland towards the end of the week.

Meanwhile, fog caused disruption at Heathrow Airport due to poor visibility earlier on Monday.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for fog from this evening into Tuesday morning for the Midlands, south of England, the North West and Wales.

This could mean visibility is reduced to between 50 and 100 metres in some parts.