How Baldrick became the unexpected star of PMQs

Prime Minister's Questions tackled the issue of clarity over Brexit, and if one thing's clear it's that the Government still isn't giving much away.

But it was the beloved character of Baldrick, played by Tony Robinson in the hit comedy series Blackadder, who became the unexpected star of the show when Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn compared the government's plans for Brexit to his "cunning plan".

PM Theresa May denied the government has been less than open about the specifics regarding the country's exit from the European Union, saying: "In relation to the issue of clarity on the aims that the government has in relation to Brexit, I have been very clear and I will be very clear again.

The Prime Minister defended the phrase "Brexit means Brexit" saying it was the will of the British people (PA)

"There are those who talk about means and those who talk about ends. I'm talking about ends. What we want to see is the the best possible arrangement for trade with and operation within the single European market for businesses in goods and services in the United Kingdom."

Clearly unsatisfied by the response, Corbyn stepped up to the bench with a sardonic quip: "I thought for a moment the Prime Minister was going to say 'Brexit means Brexit' again. I'm sure one day she'll tell us what it actually means."

Jeremy Corbyn was quick to attack the government on its lack of transparency regarding plans for Brexit (PA)

The Prime Minister has responded to bitter criticism in recent days that the Government has refused to set out details of Britain's plan for starting the process of leaving the European Union next spring, but has defended the action as the only one that promises to deliver the will of the British people.

She said: "The leader of the opposition tries to poke fun at the phrase 'Brexit means Brexit', but the whole point is this: it's this government that is actually listening to the voice of the British people. 'Brexit means Brexit' means that we are leaving the European Union.

The Prime Minister said that Labour were trying to "frustrate the will of the British people" over Brexit (PA)

"What the Right Honourable gentleman tries to be doing is frustrating the will of the British people by suggesting that Brexit means something completely different.

"I have been very clear that I want this country to both trade with and operate within the single market. I want this country to be global leader in free trade. Only the Labour Party is against free trade.

"I want to introduce control on free movement, so we have an end to free movement. The Labour Party wants to continue with free movement."

Tony Robinson, seen here on the right in his Blackadder days, is a political activist and member of the Labour Party (PA)

Ever unsatisfied, the incorrigible Labour leader quipped back, comparing the Tory government to the feckless Baldrick of Blackadder fame, who once declared: "Our cunning plan is to have no plan".

He said: "Brexit was apparently about taking back control, but devolved governments don't know the plan, businesses don't know the plan, parliament doesn't know the plan. When will the Prime Minister abandon this shambolic Tory Brexit and develop a plan that delivers for the whole country?"

It was left to the Prime Minister to point out that the actor who played Baldrick - Tony Robinson - was in fact a Labour politician.

Robinson did, however, take it all in good humour, tweeting "Baldrick means Baldrick" shortly afterwards. Alas, a new political phrase is born.

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