Shower row murderer pretended to be assault victim

A murderer who called the police claiming to be the victim of an assault when he had killed two people in a row over a shower has been convicted.

Foster Christian, 54, of Dickens Avenues, Canterbury, was found guilty at Maidstone Crown Court on Friday of stabbing Natasha Sadler-Ellis, 40 and Simon Gorecki, 48, to death, Kent Police said.

During the attack in March he also seriously injured Ms Sadler-Ellis's 20-year-old son and another teenager.

He claimed the deadly attacks were an act of self-defence.

Police went to the house in Canterbury after receiving reports of a disturbance, as well as a call from the defendant saying his victims had attacked him.

He claimed he had been struck with beer cans and bottled, but officers discovered the two victims fatally wounded.

The violence had erupted after a dispute over the temperature of a shower had escalated, police said.

Mr Gorecki had confronted Christian after he had his shower ruined because a kitchen tap was turned on by the defendant.

The boys ventured to the house after Ms Sadler-Ellis's son heard the sounds of shouting while on the phone to his mother, who was also in the house.

After the row continued to rage and became physical, their killer began slashing at them with the knife, which had been concealed in a plastic bag.

He was found guilty of two counts of murder and of wounding the two boys, following a three-week trial.

Naomi Toro, 36, of Keyworth Mews, Canterbury, and Samantha Groombridge, 19, of Athleston Road, Canterbury, previously pleaded guilty to assisting an offender.

The knife had been disposed in the River Stour by Toro, who police said later informed them of its whereabouts.

Detective Chief Inspector Nick Gossett said: "What started as an argument took a very serious turn with tragic consequences. Now two lives have been lost and many lives ruined.

"Although Christian never denied stabbing Miss Sadler-Ellis and Mr Gorecki it is clear from our investigation that this was not self-defence, but murder.

"I am pleased that the jury agreed and found him guilty of the two murders. Toro and Groombridge also played their part and tried to help Christian.

"I hope the families can now move on with their lives."

Christian will be sentenced on Wednesday October 26.