8 excellent uses for Trump's 'nasty woman' phrase you'll want to adopt immediately


During the latest and final US presidential debate, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman".

clinton walks in front of Trump (John Locher/AP)
(John Locher/AP)

Awful, right? Yes, but also, no. Women across the Twittersphere have reclaimed and embraced the title, and here are eight fantastic things you too can do with it:

1. Pop it in your purse

The Clinton campaign already sells a Woman Card, so why not level up?

2. Write about it

That novel you've always wanted to start? There's your plot sorted.

3. Wear it

Who doesn't love a statement tee?

4. Use it in your online dating profile

Watch the matches come flooding in.

5. Or for your Twitter handle/bio

The possibilities are endless.

6. Saying it loud and proud

Always fun to try out in public.

7. Get it inked

Nasty 4 life.

8. Tick that fancy dress originality box

Nailed it.