Theresa May used an innuendo in PMQs and Twitter is still trying to recover

Theresa May has made quite the name for herself when it comes to quips in the Commons.

But nothing could have prepared us for this zinger about Peter Bone and his wife in PMQs.

The Tory MP for Wellingborough proudly announced to the Chamber that it was his birthday today, and May responded by saying she hoped "Mrs Bone is going to treat the occasion in an appropriate manner".

And as that joke sank in, it went something like this:


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What's she getting at?

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peter bone in the chamber (Screengrab/BBC Parliament)
The realisation, the embarrassment. Poor Bone. (Screengrab/BBC Parliament)

MPs absolutely loved it, guffawing left right and centre. As for the people of Twitter, they're setting off on the slow and steady road to recovery.

Some did think it was great bants.

While it made others feel a bit ill.

You can't lie, PMQs is a guaranteed entertaining watch.

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