It's official: Reading is home to Britain's nosiest neighbours


If you're from Reading, chances are you've had a sneaky look online to find out what your neighbours' houses are worth. Don't worry, there's no shame in it - we all get a bit curious now and then.

Zoopla had a look at the searches made on their site, and found that Reading residents check out how much their neighbours' homes are worth nearly twice as often as the average Briton.

And if you're from Dundee, you obviously don't care that much about your neighbours - as the city comes in as the least nosey urban area.

This lady is obviously from Reading (Thinkstock/IPGGutenbergUKLtd)

The website's "nosey neighbours" index compared 50 of Britain's biggest urban areas against an average national nosiness score of 100.

The searches included in the research were made by people who identified themselves as being a neighbour when making the search.

The research found evidence of a North/South divide, with people in the South seemingly keener than the rest of Britain on keeping up to date with what their neighbours' homes are worth - perhaps motivated by strong price rises in their areas.

Casually creeping on his neighbours house prices (Thinkstock/g-stockstudio)

So if you're curious to see if your area makes the list, here are the top 10 urban areas in the nosey neighbours index, also showing the index score and average property price.

1. Reading, 189.1, £418,515

2. Milton Keynes, 176.6, £290,273

3. Cambridge, 159.6, £442,717

4. Central London, 157.6, £1,355,793

5. Colchester, 144, £301,903

6. Bedford, 138.5, £309,838

7. Swindon, 135.3, £232,930

8. Southampton, 129.9, £278,960

9. Bristol, 121.2, £304,411

10. Brighton, 118.5, £377,030