Russell Brand weighs in on the US election as he resurrects The Trews

For over a year, a day rarely went by without Russell Brand recording his thoughts on the biggest stories of the day and uploading them to YouTube.

After a 12-month hiatus the comedian has returned to his hugely popular series The Trews with his sights set firmly on the US election.

Russell, who often ended up as the news himself for sharing his opinions on everything from Black Lives Matter to the terror attacks in Tunisia, argued that all we're seeing in the build-up to the US election are empty platitudes.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were criticised, Trump for speaking as if his own voice were "detached" from himself, which Russell brought up after Trump's comments about Bill Clinton in the debate, and both were laughed at for using "language that has no purpose".

"What we need is authentic, integral governance," he said. "We need people to feel like they have some political purchase. We need the incorporation of tolerance and spirituality."

Russell goes on to hint that he feels the problem isn't necessarily with these two candidates, but with politics as a whole.

Russell Brand arrives to open the Trew Era cafe
(Nick Ansell/PA)

"Don't you think the overarching theme of American politics, and politics in our country as well, is to be presented with some sort of ridiculous gargoyle, like Trump, so in the end you go 'ugh, the other one then'... it's not really going to change anything, things are probably steadily going to get worse... but we can't have this mad thing can we?

"This don't sound like things are going to get any better as a result of either of these two people being in what what is reportedly a position of power.

"It's difficult not to agree with people who say this whole thing is a spectacle."

Welcome back Russell!

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