The answer to the housing crisis may be found in a shipping container in Brighton

Getting a steady foot on the housing ladder in the UK nowadays can seem nigh on impossible for young earners, with average house prices ranging from £152,000 in Northern Ireland and up to £280,000 in England. Well, a property company in Brighton may have the answer.

Oakley property is offering a new detached house in Brighton city centre for the teeny-tiny price of £35,000.

The secret? It's a shipping container.

Brighton house from the side
The estate agency says this is the cheapest house in Sussex (Rightmove)

Okay, it's actually two shipping containers - cue faces of shock and awe.

Before you raise your concerns about living in a small box on what looks like the pavement though, remember this is truly an astonishing price for a one-bedroom detached house in the town centre. Other properties within such a short walk to Brighton train station are hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Also, it actually looks quite nice - look, it's got a vegetable patch on the roof!

Roof garden for Brighton house
Mmm, decking... (Rightmove)

According to Rightmove, the house is designed by Carl Turner Architects and was showcased at the London Design Festival as part of the New House for London project.

The property is currently a bit of a blank canvas, designed with the view of being used either as a home or "for a multitude of ideas", says the site, for example as "a home office in your garden, a gym, a games room or even a pop-up shop".

Entrance to the house
Welcome to your home, or possibly, welcome to our shop? (Rightmove)

The design of the build is for one container to be used as a sleep/work space and the other as a kitchen or living unit.

The kitchen/dining area
The house's sink isn't quite in three-dimensional order yet (Rightmove)

Perhaps this is the future of cheap housing, or perhaps it's the end of the housing crisis as we know it?

And look, with phone boxes that close, you wouldn't even need a phone line... right?

Property with phone boxes outside
You can't knock the house for its location (Rightmove)

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