Man sent Papa John's to check on grandma after Hurricane Matthew hits Florida


A grandson's inventive use of pizza delivery to ensure his elderly grandmother was unharmed after Hurricane Matthew, has got the internet feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Eric Olsen - We haven't been able to get ahold of my... | Facebook

Claire Olsen, 87,  who lives alone in Palm Coast, Florida, got an unexpected visit from the Papa John's delivery man who had received instructions from Nebraska to check on her.

Her grandson Eric, who lives in Omaha, had not heard from her in two days and as the police and fire departments were also not responding, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

(Mic Smith/AP)
(Mic Smith/AP)

Writing on Facebook, Olsen said Papa John's were the "only other people I could think of".

Thirty minutes after placing the order, Papa John's had Olsen's grandmother on a mobile phone to her grandson, of course with a fresh pepperoni pizza to hand.

Hurricane Matthew has devastated Haiti and parts of the east coast of America.