Bill Nighy on the Marmite crisis: It's all I've been able to think about


As a bona fide national treasure, it's no surprise to hear Bill Nighy is a big fan of another Great British institution: Marmite.

So nobody was more worried about the national Marmite crisis than the Love Actually star was - and he was naturally relieved when we broke the news to him that it was all over.

Bill said: "It's all I've really been thinking about. I've been trying to do my job and all I can... You know, how can that happen?

"We're in enough trouble without running out of Marmite."

Marmite and other products were briefly taken off Tesco's shelves because of a disagreement between the supermarket and Unilever over price rises in the light of the falling value of the pound.

Marmite on the supermarket shelves (Alastair Grant/AP)
(Alastair Grant/AP)

But, happily for Bill and other Marmite lovers, the situation was resolved when Unilever announced they'd reached an agreement with Tesco and their products were "once again fully available".

Bill was on the red carpet to promote Their Finest, a comedy of manners in which Gemma Arterton plays a script editor working on propaganda films for the Ministry of Information during the Blitz.