You won't believe how much this new £5 note is selling for on eBay

Bids for a new £5 note have reached a whopping £80,000 on eBay.

An astonishing bidding war has been taking place on the e-commerce site, apparently because it has an AK47 serial number.

More than 100 people have bid on the item, seeing its value shooting up dramatically.

£5 note on ebay.
(ebay screenshot)

However, seller Gareth Wright is worried that some of the bidders may not be genuine.

He told The Sun that one bid rose from £62 to £8,000 as soon as it was shared on Facebook.

eBay rules state: "You must pay for any item you commit to buying.

Plastic banknote.
(Jonathan Brady/PA)

"Bidding is fun, but keep in mind that each bid you make is a binding contract to buy the item if you win. The same is true for Buy It Now purchases.

"Not paying for an item after you agree to buy it has negative consequences, explained in our unpaid item policy."

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