This is one of the scariest attacks yet in the 'creepy clown' craze


The sinister trend for people dressing up as scary clowns sweeping the nation has taken an even more terrifying turn, after a man was left in a pool of blood.

Simon Chinery, 28, was confronted at a cash machine by a clown wielding a 10 inch knife, and has suffered severe slash injuries to his right hand.

Chinery, from Blackburn, said he grabbed at the knife to defend himself, but the blade cut through his hand.

Clown craze
(Peter Byrne/PA)

Chinery told the Lancashire Telegraph: "It was like something out of a horror movie. His eyes were piercing black. There was blood everywhere."

The clown was said to be wearing a green curly wig with black eye make-up, a red nose and painted red beard. He was also said to be wearing green trousers, a white fitted top, latex gloves and black boots.

Clown craze
(Peterlee Police/PA)

Doctors have since told Chinery that his hand may have long lasting damage and he will need reconstructive surgery. As a joiner, Chinery said the attack has ruined his life as he cannot return to work.

An increasing number of creepy clowns have been spotted around the country, in a craze that has caught on from America. This is one of the more violent incidents, and sets an even more worrying precedent.