Prime Minister's Questions got heated when Theresa May congratulated Jeremy Corbyn

Brexit may have dominated the early exchanges of Wednesday's PMQs debate, but it was the Prime Minister's initial congratulations to the newly re-elected Labour leader which set things off to a lively start.

Theresa May said: "Can I say to the right honourable gentleman congratulations on winning the Labour leadership election, and can I welcome him back to his place in this House, as his normal self," sparking loud jeers and shouts of support - largely from the Conservative benches.

Prime Minister's Questions

Quick to retaliate, Corbyn said that he was "most grateful to the well over 300,000 people that voted for me to become the leader of my party, which is rather more than voted for her to become leader of her party. She seems to be slightly unaware of what's going on".

Corbyn went on to criticise plans concerning patients showing their passports at the point of care when seeking medical attention from the NHS, including pregnant women who are due to give birth.

The Prime Minister responded: "I think it is right that we should say that we ensure that when we're providing health services to people, they are free at the point of delivery, that they are eligible to have those services. That where there are people in this country, who come to this country to use our health service and who should be paying for it, that the health service actually identifies those people and makes sure that it gets the money."

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