This tea shop's method of encouraging customers to buy local is brilliantly cheeky


We're all too aware that most high streets basically look the same nowadays, filled with supermarket chains and big brand coffee shops.

And no one's felt it more than the independent businesses that've been pushed out as a result. So one little tea shop in Didsbury, Greater Manchester is fighting back in a unique and slightly cheeky way.

The Art of Tea is offering customers a £1 hot drink in exchange for handing over a stamped loyalty card from any other coffee shop.

the sign outside the tea shop (The Art of Tea/PA)
(The Art of Tea/PA)

Phil Hayes - who owns the place with his brother-in-law Thomas Scriven - said the idea behind the "Disloyalty" promo is to tempt people away from the chains and get them to pop in and give their little caf a go instead.

He said: "We believe we offer a more wholesome coffee, tea and cafe experience. We hope the #disloyalty promo will attract new customers to a least give us a chance, whilst also existing customers could even find an old loyalty card somewhere down the back of their sofa.

"Local business seem to struggle in our area at the moment and with every new chain that pops up, more of the soul is definitely flowing out of our community."

There's now a spike in place at the end of the bar specifically for customers to stick their old loyalty cards through. Phil added: "We have already seen an ace turnout and I have got to admit that I have a little smile when I see a Starbucks, Costa or illy loyalty card impaled."