Read grieving mum's heartbreaking letter to bullies after she lost her son to suicide

A mother whose 17-year-old son committed suicide after bullying on social media has called for parents, teachers and children to stand up to online abuse.

Lucy Alexander said her son Felix was subjected to "cruel and overwhelming" abuse online before his death. The sixth-form student from Worcester was pronounced dead after being hit by a train on April 27.

Felix Alexander
Felix had suffered bullying online before he committed suicide (Family handout/PA)

An inquest into the teenager's death heard the boy had already moved schools, to Pershore High School, after being bullied at a previous establishment and struggling to make and keep friends.

After his death, Lucy wrote a letter which was published in the Worcester News.

"His confidence and self-esteem had been eroded over a long period of time by the bullying behaviour he experienced in secondary education," she wrote. "People who had never even met Felix were abusing him over social media and he found that he was unable to make and keep friends.

"He did make friends at his new school and the teaching staff found him to be bright, kind and caring. He was, however, so badly damaged by the abuse, isolation and unkindness he had experienced that he was unable to see just how many people truly cared for him."

Teenager on phone
Lucy urged people not to dismiss online abuse as "banter" and warned "that people are wounded, sometimes fatally, by these so-called 'keyboard warriors'". (Chris Radburn/PA)

"I write this letter not for sympathy, but because there are so many more children like Felix who are struggling and we need to wake up to the cruel world we are living in.

"I am appealing to children to be kind ALWAYS and never stand by and leave bullying unreported. Be that one person prepared to stand up to unkindness.

"You will never regret being a good friend."

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