Greater Manchester Police have revealed the reason behind that random handbag tweet

ICYMI: Greater Manchester Police sent out a rather weird tweet on Wednesday.

A picture of a woman's handbag was shared with the police's 350,000 followers, alongside the question "What's she hiding?".

The tweet left everyone baffled as people tried to come up with the right answer.

But on Thursday, the police revealed some more clues. Sort of...

Everyone was still confused to be honest.

Finally, the reason for the tweets has been revealed. Turns out it's all part of the Girls Against Guns campaign, to urge girlfriends, sisters and mothers of those involved in gun crime to come forward.

The poster features make-up accessories in the shape of a gun and poses the question "Ladies, carrying a secret?" and adds: "Talk to us if your fella or son is involved in gang activity. Don't become an accessory to their crime."

The campaign is appealing to females closest to offenders not to become an accessory to crime and tell police about anyone they know who is in possession of a gun or involved in gang-related activity.

GMP's Girls Against Guns campaign will see posters going up and a dedicated phone number set up that people can call with information following on from a shooting.

Stock image of a Greater Manchester Police badge
(Dave Thompson/PA)

Gun crime has fallen by a quarter in Greater Manchester during the last year, say the force, which is due to working alongside local communities and partner organisations.

Assistant Chief Constable Debbie Ford said: "We've come a long way in the last 10 years and have seen significant reductions in gun crime, which we couldn't have done without the help of the community who, like us, want to see safer streets.

"However, one shooting is one too many and there is more work to be done to eradicate gun crime from our neighbourhoods.

"If you know somebody who carries a gun, please do the right thing and tell us about it.

"By not saying anything to anyone, you're not stopping it from being used and the last thing we want is to be knocking on your door to tell you that your loved one has been killed in a shooting."

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