Watch: This 5-year-old has a lot to say to Prime Minister Theresa May


A five-year-old girl has chastised Prime Minister Theresa May for a lack of spending and for not helping the homeless in a video posted online which has now gone viral.

Brooke Blair directed the comments at the Prime Minister in a YouTube video posted by her mother Holly Matthews, before also being shared on Facebook.

In the video Brooke says she has seen "hundreds and millions" of homeless people on the streets and says May should be distributing biscuits, hot chocolate and sandwiches or even building houses for them.

Matthews said in a post on her blog that homelessness had been troubling her daughter for some time.

Brooke looking angry
Brooke said she was "very angry" in the video (YouTube/Holly Matthews)

"When she saw homeless people, she asked me why they didn't have a home," said Matthews. "She asked (logically) 'Well who does? Who's in charge? The Queen?' I explained we have a prime minister and she asked their name," said Matthews. "From there she has had a major bee in her bonnet."

Brooke asked her mother why she couldn't pay for houses for homeless people herself and since she was told she couldn't afford to do so has been saving up as much as she can.

Theresa May clapping
Theresa May clapped speeches from her peers at the Conservative Party conference earlier this week. What will her reaction to Brooke be? (Joe Giddens/PA)

"She and her younger sister are saving any money they get, to buy presents for homeless people at Christmas this year," said Matthews. "They even sold a slice of birthday cake they got to their dad for 50p to put in their pot."

Brooke's video has over 900,000 views on Facebook and over 17,000 on YouTube. Many commenters on the video commended the passion with which Brooke delivered the speech and some even tipped her as a future Prime Minister.