Watch Jeremy Corbyn passionately defend migrants in his conference speech

Migrants featured strongly on Jeremy Corbyn's agenda in his keynote speech at the Labour conference. He said the abuse of immigrants since the referendum was "shaming to our multicultural society".

The Labour leader said the European Union referendum campaign had "whipped up division" but he would not engage in "fanning the flames of fear" about immigration.

Corbyn announced that he would reinstate the migrant impact fund to help areas with high levels of immigration respond to pressure on public services.

However, Corbyn's camp has made it clear that he is "not concerned about numbers" of immigrants - which earlier this year hit 633,000.

Jeremy Corbyn.
(Danny Lawson/PA)

An aide said: "It is not an objective to reduce the numbers, to reduce immigration. It is an objective to address the issues that are caused by immigration."

The position has exposed splits within Corbyn's senior team. In his own keynote speech to Labour's conference in Liverpool, shadow home secretary Andy Burnham warned that voters will think the party has "abandoned" them if it argues for the status quo on immigration.

And shadow education secretary Angela Rayner said the current immigration system was in "chaos" and insisted there must be "controls".

Corbyn's comments were met with a lot of praise on Twitter.

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