Unarmed black man dies after being shot by California police


An unarmed black man has died after being shot several times by police officers in San Diego.

El Cajon police claim to have received calls of a man - named in local reports as Alfred Olango  - acting erratically and walking into traffic, and arrived on the scene at the Broadway Village Shopping Centre car park on Tuesday afternoon.

Police say Olango refused multiple instructions to remove his hand from his pocket, after which one officer drew and aimed a firearm at him. A second officer soon arrived on the scene and prepared to deploy a less lethal electronic control device.

The shooting scene
A still from a video of the incident caught by a witness on the scene (El Cajon Police Department)

Olango, believed to be in his 30s, then pulled an object from his front trouser pocket and pointed it at the officers in a "shooting stance", prompting the officer with the stun gun to discharge his device, while the other officer simultaneously opened fire.

The officers provided Olango with first aid on the scene before medics arrived to take him to hospital. He later died of his injuries.


A witness to the shooting approached El Cajon police with video footage of the incident, which is being used for the investigation.

Both officers involved have been placed on administrative leave - a police department policy for those who have been involved in a critical incident - until the investigation is over.