This coffee claims to give you an erection... but possibly a lot more too


In our hyper-sexualised society, performance enhancement drugs are relatively easy to get your hands on. Now they're infiltrating even more of our day-to-day life, with a new coffee claiming to be able to give you an erection.

Stiff Bull Coffee claims to be an "all-natural" blend: All you do is add half a packet into hot water and bam! Coffee that apparently gives you an erection.

They are marketing themselves as "The Relationship Saver", and while their claims are yet to be definitely proven, they say that the all-natural blend of ingredients like tongkat ali and guarana can give an effect that lasts up to two or three days.

Dried guarana fruit.
Dried guarana fruit (Mike Derer/AP)

"These Herbs grow wild in the jungles of Malaysia and have been used for centuries by the people of Asia and South America to greatly improve sexual health, libido, and overall wellness," they say on their website.

Sound too good to be true? That's probably because it is - Stiff Bull isn't exactly approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

(Andrew Harnik/AP)

The FDA felt the need to release a statement warning the public that the coffee contains a hidden drug ingredient. Their laboratory analysis showed that the coffee actually contains desmethyl carbodenafil, which isn't mentioned in the ingredients list. Don't worry, we didn't know what that was either.

In non-science lingo, it's basically similar to the active ingredient found in Viagra, the FDA-approved drug for erectile dysfunction. The FDA aren't happy with the fact that this is undeclared, because this ingredient could "interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs such as nitroglycerin and may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels".

A pretty unwelcome addition to your morning coffee, that's for sure.

(Chris Radburn/PA)

This is part of a worrying trend: it's the 32nd product this year that the FDA have called out for having hidden drug ingredients. They are finding an increasing amount of over-the-counter products including hidden active ingredients that could potentially be harmful, many of which market themselves as all-natural.

However, the company isn't ready to let this slow them down. Keith Hanson of Stiff Bull told indy100 that of the 20 boxes stopped by the FDA, only five contained the ingredient in question. He claims to have had "no complaints from customers and no side-effects associated with Viagra".