Rise in number of households classed as 'homeless'


Homelessness in England has risen to its highest level for nearly 10 years.

A total of 15,170 households were classed as homeless in the three months to June 2016 - a jump of 10% on the same period last year.

Around a third of these are in London, according to new figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

The last time a higher level was recorded in England was in the period April-June 2008, when 15,680 households were classed as homeless.

The figures also show that the number of households in temporary accommodation - as measured on June 30 2016 - was 73,120, up 9% on a year earlier.

Nearly three-quarters of these (52,820) were in London.

Households which are homeless or threatened with homelessness may approach their local authority for assistance.

This is granted if they are considered as being unintentionally homeless and in priority need, such as having dependent children.