Watch Dougie Lampkin become the first man to wheelie the Isle of Man TT Course


Dougie Lampkin MBE has become the first person to wheelie the entire length of the Isle of Man's 37-mile TT course.

The 40-year-old completed the course in one hour and 35 minutes, navigating more than 200 corners and climbing 422m (1,385ft) - all on one wheel.

Lampkin riding his motorbike last year with sun in background
Lampkin is pretty familiar with epic stunts (Lynne Cameron/PA)

Lampkin, a 12-time world champion trials rider, told the BBC: "From the word go it was so intense. The strain on your arms, legs feet, neck and everything else was just unreal.

"Up to ten times I came close to dropping the bike and I thought I'd lost it twice. When you've lost your balance and your right leg comes off, you're in massive trouble. I couldn't rely on the rear brake at that speed."