Owen Smith just lost his bid for the Labour leadership - here's all the things he can do with his free time


It's been a bruising year in politics.

There's been the EU referendum, a change of Prime Minister, a complete overhaul in the Cabinet, Labour reshuffles and a leadership challenge that seems to have lasted longer than anything anyone has ever done since time began. And it's fair to say Jeremy Corbyn's party has endured its share of casualties.

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn will keep himself busy as the continuing Labour leader (Jane Barlow/PA)

Owen Smith is the latest and now follows our dear old former prime minister into the shadows.

In addition to maintaining his role as a political back bencher, here are a few ideas of other things he can spend his time doing now that he's (comparatively) free:

1. Spend more time with his dog

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Who wouldn't want to do this? Dogs always choose you, even when people don't.

2. Try to swap places with Owen Jones

Seems like the wheels are already in motion...

3. Take up golf

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It is the classic sport for later in life, after all...

4. Start a business

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Smith has strong experience as a former head of policy and government relations for pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer. Surely there's some new opportunity to harness?

5. Write his memoirs

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He wouldn't be the first. David Cameron has already retired from political life to write his own life story, due out as early as next year. Too soon?

6. Do some DIY

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Could be all that talk about getting Labour's house in order.

7. Get buff

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Arnie went for gym bod first and politics second... reverse Arnie?

8. Open a sweet shop

Owen later went on air saying he regretted this tweet. But perhaps there's a business idea in there after all?

We could go on.

It's worth noting that Smith doesn't have any plans to retire as an MP just yet, so there may well be some action from him on the back benches.

For now, it's back to Corbyn and his team to mount the opposition to Theresa May and her new Cabinet whilst Smith considers his options.