Jeremy Corbyn to focus on education and bringing Labour together


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has urged the party to "come together" and reach out to the country following his decisive victory.

He said he now wants to concentrate on setting out policies on how Labour planned to achieve social justice.

Speaking to the Press Association shortly after winning the leadership election, Mr Corbyn said: "I want to raise the vision of what kind of society we could be.

"We will start with education, and there will be more to come. I want to bring all sections of the party together."

Mr Corbyn said he was grateful for the support he received in the leadership vote, highlighting the "huge" turnout for the contest with Owen Smith.

One of the immediate issues is how members of the shadow cabinet will be elected.

Mr Corbyn said he will be holding discussions with colleagues, adding there was a need to change the structure of the party's executive to reflect the increase in membership over the past year.

He said he was confident of regaining the support of Labour MPs who have been criticising his leadership, but would not speculate on how many would agree to serve in the shadow cabinet.

Asked if he hoped he would not face another leadership challenge before the general election, he said wanted all sections of the party to concentrate on policies to fight back against the government.