Jeremy Corbyn backs Sarah Champion who admits she 'lost control' in domestic row

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has voiced his support for his domestic violence spokeswoman Sarah Champion, after she admitted she had ended up in a police cell accused of assault after a violent row with her then husband.

The Rotherham MP told the Daily Mirror that the incident happened when she was going through a divorce from husband Graham in 2007.

Ms Champion, who is shadow minister for preventing abuse and domestic violence, said that her then husband called police during an argument about the sale of their home.

"I'm not proud of what happened and I accept I was in the wrong, but I have nothing to hide," she said.

"I lost control after being provoked for years and for that I am sorry, but I felt extremely vulnerable at that moment."

Speaking at Labour's women's conference in Liverpool, Mr Corbyn made clear he wanted Ms Champion to remain in her post following the revelation.

Delegates applauded loudly as he said: "I know everyone in this room today will want to join me in just simply saying this to Sarah Champion: You have our total, full and absolutely warm support.

"You are a truly inspiring campaigner and we all have total trust in you and I know that you are going to continue doing the excellent work you've always been doing."