Two cleared over death of British schoolgirl Scarlett Keeling in Goa


Two men have been cleared of the rape and culpable homicide of British schoolgirl Scarlett Keeling, who was found dead on a beach in India in 2008.

Scarlett, 15, from Bideford, Devon, had been on a six-month trip with her family.

Scarlett Keeling rides an elephant on her trip
Scarlett Keeling had been travelling with her family (PA)

Scarlett's mother, Fiona MacKeown, said: "I am disappointed with the verdict and I will definitely move to the higher court."

The teenager's body was found bruised and half-naked on Anjuna beach, a popular site for tourists, in Goa in February 2008. She had been at a Valentine's Day beach party while the rest of her family travelled and a post-mortem examination found there was ecstasy, cocaine and LSD in her body.

Fiona MacKeown
Fiona MacKeown, Scarlett's mother, said she would appeal against the decision (Carl Court/PA)

The two acquitted men, Samson D'Souza, 37, and Placido Carvalho, 48, were alleged to have plied Scarlett with drugs, raped her and left her unconscious on the beach where she subsequently drowned.

Placido Carvalho comes to court in 2010
Placido Carvalho, pictured here at the start of the trial in 2010, has been cleared of all charges (Dielle D'Souza/PA)

Both of the men have now been cleared of charges of rape and culpable homicide, after the verdict was given at Goa Children's Court at the end of a trial which has taken six years.