Too many toffees? Quality Street discontinues one of its sweets - Twitter reacts


Some shocking Quality Street news has sparked several "Quality Tweets" on Twitter after Nestle announced the Toffee Deluxe was being replaced by the Honeycomb Crunch.

If you're struggling to work out which toffee we're referring to, panic not; Nestle isn't touching the toffee penny nor the finger - it's the one in the brown wrapper that has been dropped.

Chocolate fans took to Twitter to react to the news someone had decided there were "too many" toffees in the box.

Sadie Marie wrote on Twitter: "Since when were there too many toffees in Quality Street - who complained?"

While Andy Watt exclaimed: "Forget the #gbbo fallout, this is the most shocking 'light' news story of the week! Hang your head in shame @Nestle"

The discussion continued as many reacted in dismay that Christmas would never be the same again, while others just chatted about their favourite Quality Street - a debate that continues to rage since the confectionery first hit the shelves in 1936.

Others just found themselves loving Britain a little bit more thanks to the fallout.

Someone even set up a petition to bring back the Toffee Deluxe.

Quality Street petition

A Nestle spokesman said: "We wanted to celebrate Quality Street's 80th birthday by introducing the first new sweet for nearly a decade.

"We did extensive research and found that the Honeycomb Crunch was the most popular option for a new sweet and that many people felt there were enough toffee-based sweets in the collection, so the Toffee Deluxe made way."

Honeycomb Crunch Quality Street
Honeycomb Crunch (Nestle)

The Toffee Deluxe, hard toffee covered in chocolate, previously replaced the Malt Toffee in 2011. The Honeycomb Crunch, in its golden brown wrapper, is described as a "light truffle infused with honeycomb, then covered in chocolate".

Toffee Deluxe fans shouldn't mourn the loss of their favourite chocolate too much, as Nestle reassured customers it would still be available in the Quality Street Toffee and Fudge pack.