Jeremy Corbyn warned of 'warfare' over threat of deselection of Labour MPs

Labour will be plunged into "warfare" unless Jeremy Corbyn halts talk of deselecting MPs if he wins the party leadership contest, former minister Caroline Flint has warned.

With Mr Corbyn expected to see off the challenge from Owen Smith when the results of the bitter battle for control of Labour are announced as the party gathers for its conference in Liverpool on Saturday, Ms Flint insisted both sides need to pledge to work together.

"If Jeremy is re-elected, then MPs should actually be constructive and work hard to support the Labour front bench, but Jeremy also has to do some things as well.

"I think he has to make sure that talk about deselecting MPs is stopped because that will only lead to warfare, not unity.

"I think after Saturday, what's very important is Jeremy can show he can unite the party and I hope he will demonstrate that he is prepared to listen to not only those that supported him, but also those that didn't, because all of us have it in our interest to form an effective opposition to hold the Government to account, and I hope he'll show leadership by reaching out," Ms Flint told Good Morning Britain.

Attempts by anti-Corbyn MPs to bring back elections for the shadow cabinet have met with resistance from the party leader.

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