Police appeal for owner of wedding photos goes, erm, kinda wrong


Oh dear - Kirklees Rural Police, West Yorkshire, were just trying to be helpful in their attempts to reunite a couple with their wedding album.

But their appeal has awkwardly backfired after it's been revealed the bride and groom don't actually want the photos back...

The album was handed in to police by an elderly man from Holmfirth, after he discovered a large box, with the album inside, had been dumped in his bin. He feared the photos had been stolen.

(Screengrab/West Yorkshire Police - Kirklees Rural/Facebook)
(Screengrab/West Yorkshire Police - Kirklees Rural/Facebook)

So, local officers collected the contents and put out an appeal on Facebook and Twitter to try and locate the owners.

The police wrote on Twitter alongside the photo of the couple: "Do you recognise this couple? A wedding album featuring them was found dumped in a bin in Holmfirth & we'd like to give it back!"

And, yep, the couple have since successfully been found... but the update we didn't quite expect? Turns out they don't want their wedding pictures back after all, because they seem to have split.

A spokesman from West Yorkshire Police said: "Within a couple of hours it became clear from the comments on Facebook that the album had been dumped because the marriage was over, and perhaps the owners didn't want it back.

"The appeal through our social media accounts was done with the best of intentions but unfortunately it appears our 'help' may not have been required on this occasion."

Writing on Facebook, the branch posted: "We like to try and reunite people with lost property... but this has turned out to be totes awkward."

Well, the photos will be staying with the police now no matter what... the spokesman said the album is in their property stores for safe keeping.

Totes awkward indeed.