The Lib Dem Glee Club has mocked Owen Smith in its latest song

It doesn't look like Labour leader hopeful Owen Smith is particularly popular with the Lib Dems, after the party's notorious Glee Club labelled him "a shite" in a dedicated song. Ouch.

The choir sings at the end of every party conference, and it is by no means the first time it has landed itself in hot water over its distasteful lyrics. This year's repertoire also included a very rude song about Tony Blair, set to the tune of American Pie.

To give you a better picture of the Owen Smith Song, it is written to the rather jaunty theme tune of Robin Hood. According to the £5 song book, the chorus goes like this:

Owen Smith, Owen Smith,
Always on TV
Owen Smith, Owen Smith
Who the hell is he?
Hated by the left, loathed by the right?
What a shite, what a shite, what a shite

Owen Smith.
(Gareth Fuller/PA)

The song was written by Southport Lib Dem councillor Nigel Ashton, who adds that Smith's hopes have been sunk "without a prayer". Pretty damning.

Some people were very much taken by the, ahem, lyrical skills of the Glee Club.

Others were less thrilled by the Glee Club's efforts.

Whatever you think of the song, we're pretty sure it's not going to be on Smith's playlist any time soon.

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