Footage shows air strikes hitting convoy as UN suspends aid in Syria


Video has been released of the moment a United Nations aid convoy was hit by an air strike in Syria.

The trucks were carrying food and humanitarian assistance to the rebel-held area of Uram al-Kubra near Aleppo when they were attacked late on Monday. At least 18 of the 31 lorries were hit, only a week after a ceasefire had been brokered by the USA and Russia in the war-ravaged country.

A convoy of vehicles loaded with food and other supplies organized by The International Committee of the Red Cross
Convoys like these offer life-saving aid in Syria (AP)

The strikes are said to have killed about 20 civilians, mostly lorry drivers and workers for the Syrian Red Crescent which provides aid to the area. The attacks were described by the International Committee of the Red Cross as a "flagrant violation of international law" and "totally unacceptable".

The UN has suspended all aid convoys in Syria following the attack.