Australia's Deputy PM shows skin cancer scars in deeply personal warning to the public

The Australian deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce has posted a video of his scarred and blistered face in a stark warning against the dangers of skin cancer.

Joyce seemed bright in the Instagram post, taking the opportunity to thank "all the people ringing up concerned about my welfare".

"Obviously I'm perfectly designed for the west coast of Ireland, and that means I've been asked to put on a cream to deal with the just very minor forms of skin cancers.

"A lot of people have to do the same thing, it's just they don't live in the public spotlight."

Joyce's accompanying message to the video said: "Every time you see my skin for the next six weeks, consider it another warning about why you should always #slipslopslap", in reference to the importance of using sun cream whilst outdoors.

(Rob Griffith/AP)
Barnaby Joyce has served as Australia's Deputy Prime Minister since July (Rob Griffith/AP)

Joyce said: "There's no point trying to hide it, so we'll just have to get on with it for the next six weeks, which is how long I've got to deal with it.

"I'd just like to say that I'm really humbled by all the people ringing up. I'll be fine, thank you very much."

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