LinkedIn co-founder launches card game to poke fun at Donald Trump


The co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, has launched a card game which pokes fun at Donald Trump.

The game, called Trumped Up Cards: The World's Biggest Deck, features rules such as: "First, all players must thoroughly sanitise their hands with Purell", and "The CEO must say, 'I'm really rich,' and make a dismissive hand gesture."

The tech billionaire, who recently pledged to donate up to $5 million to charity in exchange for the release of Trump's tax returns, said in a Medium post: "Trumped Up Cards are for free speech advocates, fans of due process and equal protection, immigrants yearning to breathe free, and native-born patriots who believe our diversity and inclusiveness make us stronger (but who draw the line at Russian hackers).

"It's also for people who know the correct definition of 'sarcasm,' people who understand that while President Obama found Osama bin Laden he did not found ISIS, and anyone else who shows their commitment to America's values through their actions, not just their baseball caps.

Reid Hoffman
Reid Hoffman co-founded the social networking site LinkedIn in 2002 (Tony Avelar/AP)

"Of course this latter group includes what Trump refers to as "the dishonest media".

The game is now on sale in the US for $20.16, with a promise to raise the price to $20.17 after the election is over and the new year begins.

On the game's FAQ webpage, the company suggests that other countries might be able to petition for international release by bombarding them with requests at

Donald Trump
Hoffman has previously called for Trump to be more transparent about his earnings (Mike Groll/AP)

Hoffman stated that money raised from the sale of the cards would go to "charities that are already working to keep America great".

"While Trumped Up Cards is just a game, democracy isn't. And ultimately that's why we made it. We hope you play it so much you get all the fun and games out of your system now. And when Election Day arrives, don't let the joke be on America!"