Remember your old Sindy doll? Well, she looks a lot different these days...

ICYMI, Britain's answer to Barbie is back on sale in the UK after an almost 10-year absence.

The return of the Sindy doll is probably bringing back a lot of fond memories from your childhood (even if you were one of those kids who just liked chopping all the doll's hair off).

But, the Sindy you remember probably looks something like this...

Sindy doll
British-born Sindy relaunched in 1999 (Peter Jordan/PA)

And 2016 Sindy looks, well, drastically different.

She's now seven inches taller, sports 11 "on-trend" outfits and boasts an extensive shoe and accessories collection. Just check out that wardrobe.

sindy doll
Tesco says this is just the start of the Sindy revival (Tesco/PA)

She also looks a little...young?!

She's been given her huge makeover by Tesco, which has licensed the brand from Exeter-based owners and creators Pedigree Toys. And the £19.95 doll also has three friends - Zoe, Kate and Laura. Aw, isn't that nice...

Sindy launched in 1963 and went on to claim 80% of the fashion doll market at her peak in 1985.

A selection of old-style Sindy dolls (PA)

Some 150 million Sindy dolls were sold around the world before she disappeared from the High Street when Woolworths went under in 2009.

Over her fashion lifetime she wore a Mary Quant bob and rode a moped and a pony, in comparison to Barbie who had a telephone, drove a car and once worked as an astronaut.

Oh, the memories...

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