Jeremy Hunt reveals how £816m NHS research investment pot will be divided up

Jeremy Hunt has published details of how a record £816 million investment in NHS research - announced in the spending review - will be spent.

Research projects covering mental health, dementia and antimicrobial resistance have all secured a slice of the investment, the Health Secretary announced.

Mr Hunt said: "The UK has so often led the world in health research - from the invention of the smallpox vaccine to the discovery of penicillin and the development of DNA sequencing.

"Today, we are making sure the UK stays ahead of the game by laying the foundations for a new age of personalised medicine.

"We are supporting the great minds of the NHS to push the frontiers of medical science so that patients in this country continue to benefit from the very latest treatments and the highest standards of care."

Minister for Public Health and Innovation, Nicola Blackwood, added: "This is a testament to Britain's world leading ability to drive innovation and transform lives.

"The last round of funding led to new leukaemia treatments and brain scans to help detect the early stages of Parkinson's. This new investment will give us more exciting breakthroughs which will benefit patients, the NHS and encourage UK economic growth."

Funding was awarded to hospital and university partnerships across England, including Birmingham, Cambridge, Manchester, Oxford, Newcastle and London.

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