Crowdfunder launched for 100-year-old Tottenham mugging victim

A crowdfunder has been launched to replace the money stolen when a 100-year-old woman was mugged in her home by a man posing as an electrician.

Alexteen Roberts, a Tottenham resident, was pushed to the ground and had £300 stolen. Her grandson, who was at her home, chased the attacker as he fled following the August 23 robbery, but he managed to escape, the Metropolitan Police said.

Roberts was 100 at the time of the mugging but has since turned 101, and the outpouring of kindness following the incident has already seen the £300 target smashed.

Maisie McIntosh (left) with her mother Alexteen Roberts, 101
Maisie McIntosh (left) with her mother Alexteen Roberts, 101 (David Mirzoeff/PA)

Detective Chief Inspector Luke Marks said: "This was a despicable attack on a very elderly lady who lived independently and is now fearful to return home.

"At 100 years old she had the sense and foresight to dismiss the suspect when he tried to con her into unnecessary electrical work but he then decided to mug her instead.

"She is naturally extremely distressed and shaken by what happened and we are appealing for help to catch his man before he targets someone else."

The man, who had claimed he was there "to do the electrics", according to detectives, was last seen heading north on to the nearby A10 High Road towards Seven Sisters Road. Police said he was described as white and aged around 35.

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