Pokemon Go creator contacted by UK government to prevent users breaking the law

Officials from the government have contacted Pokemon Go's creator to ensure users of the app don't break the law.

There have been almost 300 reported police incidents related to the gaming craze, leading the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to contact Niantic, the game's developer, to discuss the advice it offers users.

The Pokemon Go app warning sign
(PA/PA Wire)

There are already extra warnings in place on the US version of the game such as reminders not to trespass or to enter dangerous areas while travelling to collect Pokemon. In the USA owners and managers of sites can request for Pokestops or gyms to be removed from the game, to stop unwanted visitors to their home or shop.

In Britain there have been 290 reports to police relating to the game, including a brawl of 30 people in Surrey after a Pokemon hunt turned sour. Meanwhile, Labour MP Anna Turley wrote to Home Secretary Amber Rudd voicing her concerns over "incidences of trespass or disrespecting of cemeteries or religious sites" by children using the game.

Pokemon Go player attempts to catch Charmander
(Thomas Cytrynowicz/AP)

Culture Minister Matt Hancock said: "Many people in the UK enjoy playing Pokemon Go and most act responsibly whilst doing so.

"It is important that all players abide by the law and respect their surroundings. We are in touch with representatives of Niantic to discuss features of Pokemon Go and the advice they provide to consumers in the UK."

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