Champagne by the pint - one reason to be cheerful about Brexit

Thank you to the 52%. You have seen in a new era of self determination and champagne by the pint.

We're serious. Pol Roger, a family-owned champagne business, wants to got back to the imperial measurement system now that EU regulations can't force them to sell champagne in metric quantities.

According to the Telegraph, the French company may be able to bottle the bubbly as soon as this year, which would make it available in UK shops in 2021, right around the time we are expected to leave the EU.

(JohnFour Champagne glasses Walton/EMPICS Sport/PA)
(John Walton/EMPICS Sport/PA)

Poppin' bottles to celebrate or commiserate, a pint is enough for four glasses as opposed to six for a full bottle. This makes it the perfect pre-dinner bottle, leaving enough room for a glass of wine with dinner.

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