Prestigious US university accepts youngest ever student, aged 12

12-Year-Old Genius Will Attend Cornell University

Prestigious Cornell University boasts notable alumni such as popular science educator Bill Nye, American political commentator Bill Maher and even Superman himself, the late Christopher Reeve.

Well, now the Ivy League university has accepted 12-year-old Jeremy Shuler - its youngest ever student.

Jeremy Shuler with parents Andy and Harrey
Jeremy with his parents Andy and Harrey (Mike Groll/AP)

Jeremy was home-schooled by two aerospace engineers from Prairie, Texas. When he was only 15 months he knew the alphabet and by 21 months he was reading books in English and Korean, his mother's native language.

Aged five Jeremy read The Lord Of The Rings and Journey Through Genius: The Great Theorems Of Mathematics, and by 10 his exam scores showed he was ready for college. His parents moved to New York state to let him join Cornell, where his grandfather is a professor and his father Andy received his doctorate.

Jeremy Shuler in classroom in Cornell
(Mike Groll/AP)

Jeremy's mother Harrey said: "From the beginning, he was physically advanced, very strong."

"At the playground he was freaked out by other kids running around screaming, but when we took him to Math Circle and math camp, he was very social. He needed someone with similar interests."

Jeremy Shuler headshot
(Mike Groll/AP)

Jeremy says one of his favourite past times is playing the Minecraft computer game and reading science fiction.

Jeremy said: "I was nervous at first, but I'm a lot more excited than nervous now. As Mommy said, all the kids in math camp were older than me, so I'm used to having older friends. As long as they like math."

"The classes are kind of easy so far, but I know they'll be harder pretty soon."

Jeremy Shuler in Cornell corridor
Jeremy might need to grow into his backpack (Mike Groll/AP)

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