Kate and Wills have definitely had a better day than you

Look, we're sure being a Royal isn't always this fun.

But, as we sit at our desks and think longingly of a nice, cold beverage, we're pretty (OK, very) jealous of William and Kate.

Not only are they living it up in beautifully sunny Cornwall, but as part of their day-long tour of the county, they've also had a lovely little trip to a cyder farm.

Healey's Cornish Cyder Farm in Penhallow is celebrating its 30th birthday - the thriving local business produces delicious Rattler cyder, as well as fruit juices and wines. And if you've never had Rattler before, well, let's just say Wills and Kate could well be feeling a little tipsy right now (it's pretty strong...)

kate and wills
(Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA)

kate & wills
(Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA)

Seriously though, doesn't the Duchess of Cambridge make a great barmaid?

Although, this guy obviously found something about the situation funny...

kate pouring a pint as a guy looks on laughing
(Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA)

We're not entirely sure what the royal couple are up to this eve, but here's an idea to make their day even better.

Oh, how we wish we were heading off to a beach bar. *sighs*

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