All the weird and wonderful things that happened at Notting Hill Carnival today

Today kicked off the two-day extravaganza that is Notting Hill Carnival. It may have been children's day, but don't be mistaken in thinking that toned down any of the fun.

If you didn't quite make it to west London, we've gathered a handy round-up of all the most bizarre and amazing happenings of the day.

Someone decided to film the action, randomly with his laptop.

Some, ahem, *interesting* outfits were sported.

It wasn't just people getting dressed up, but dogs got into the festival spirit too.

Some parents showed us how to raise your kids right.

Sure, every year you see police getting twerked on, but we still love it.

Tesco got it oh so wrong.

The best thing about the Sunday of Notting Hill Carnival has got to be seeing miniature people dressed up in amazing costumes.

(Isabel Infantes/PA)
(Isabel Infantes/PA)

Dobby from Harry Potter made an surprise guest appearance.

Not only did people dance, but they did so on stilts. ON ONE LEG.

And this is just the children's day - we can't wait for the undoubtedly bizarre and amazing things that will happen tomorrow.

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