A senior Tory MP has waded into the French burkinis row

MP Desmond Swayne has given his two cents about controversy surrounding burkinis, and it's perhaps not what you would expect from a senior member of parliament.

In a blog post on his website, he declared that as a "hot-blooded male" he can appreciate a bikini-clad body, but there is something "attractive, alluring, even sensual" about concealment as "it leaves more to the imagination".

The New Forest West MP wrote this blog post after receiving an "outraged email" from a constituent in Barton-on-Sea who was "disgusted" that the burkini ban had been overturned by a French court.

(Conservative Party/PA)
(Conservative Party/PA)

Swayne's response?

"Alas, the court is not accountable to me, and the French must sort out their own affairs. In any event, I am confident that no burkinis have been seen in Barton-on-Sea, or on any other beach in the New Forest parliamentary division.

"Am I disappointed? I have always taken the view that people should feel free to show off as little or as much as they like, when it comes to beachwear."

He continued: "Whilst there are of course exceptions, as a general rule, most of us look far better with all our clothes on."

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