Now we'll never know what the English language's least favourite word is


What word really makes you cringe? For lots of us it's definitely "moist" - even the Great British Bakeoff can't save it from making us shudder. However, a campaign to find the English language's most hated word has been axed after the website was flooded with more, ahem, offensive contributions than the likes of "moist".

Oxford Dictionaries launched the #OneWordMap search in an effort to find the word that "makes the blood boil". Some contributions were what they expected: everyday words that make you shudder for no real rational reason.

Organisers described the survey as "a uniquely global search to discover the least popular words in the English language, and an opportunity to contribute to research by Oxford Dictionaries".

(Ian Nicholson/PA)
(Ian Nicholson/PA)

However, it was shelved soon after suggestions became slightly more distasteful. A statement on the campaign blog read: "We regret to inform users that due to severe misuse we have had to remove this feature from our website."

So unfortunately we'll never quite find out what the most disliked word in the English vocabulary is, but we'll still put our money on "moist".