JustGiving page to reimburse Muslim Woman fined for wearing the Burkini receives massive international support


A JustGiving page set up in support of the Muslim woman who was fined for wearing a burkini in France has raised more than £1,600.

It comes after mass-outrage at the images shared on social media of armed French police asking her to remove the garment on the beach.

(Hareem Ghani) JustGiving Page
(Hareem Ghani) JustGiving Page

The JustGiving page was created by Bee Tajudeen and Hareem Ghani, both female rights activists based in London. They express their strong opposition to the burkini ban and describe how it contradicts the values of female liberty and empowerment.

The appeal has already reached 80% of its total target of £1,993, 117 days before the deadline, demonstrating the strong global reaction the photos taken on the beach have had.

People were shocked by the image and believe there were definitely more sensitive ways to handle this ban, which has been enforced under the claim that it will help integration and fight extremism.

Many giving the donations have left encouraging messages while showing their solidarity to the cause.

"Thoughts and prayers are with the Muslim women of France. I don't even have any words to express how disgusting this ban is," one reads.

Someone else writes: "When did the state dictating what a woman can and cannot wear become a "liberating act".