Jeremy Corbyn reveals crucial details about #Traingate


Jeremy Corbyn gets frustrated at questions about the train

Get ready for more drama, because the furore around #Traingate shows no signs of abating.

For those who are a bit behind - Jeremy Corbyn caught a Virgin Trains service from London to Newcastle on Tuesday and claimed there were no free seats. However, CCTV footage later showed him walking past what appears to be rows of free seats.

Jeremy Corbyn on the Virgin train.
(Virgin Trains/PA)

Corbyn hasn't personally replied to these allegations - until now. It turns out he bypassed those available seats because he couldn't find two together to sit with his wife.

Even though Corbyn was in Newcastle to speak about his plans to "renationalise" the NHS, the press conference seemed more preoccupied by #Traingate and a comment Owen Smith had made (he had used the word "lunatic" in a speech that seemed to be directed towards Corbyn, although Smith later denied this).

Asked by one reporter if he was a "liar" over the train row, and a "lunatic", Corbyn replied: "I was hoping you were going to ask questions about the National Health Service, but sadly you're not.

Jeremy Corbyn
(Jonathan Brady/PA)

"I deplore the use of that language in any context. I don't use it myself and I don't use it today."

However, Corbyn couldn't avoid the stream of questions about the CCTV footage from the train.

He said: "It's a really important issue this, absolutely crucial to the future of the whole nation and the NHS.

"But let's get to the details of it - yes, I did walk through the train. Yes, I did look for two empty seats together so I could sit down with my wife to talk to her. That wasn't possible, so I went to the end of the train.

"The train manager, who was a very nice gentleman, came along and we had a chat about the problems of overcrowding and regulations on the trains, and he said he'd see what he could do.

"After he'd already offered me an upgrade to first class, which I'd declined, he then very kindly did find some seats, and after 42 minutes I went back through the train to the seats he'd allocated. We sat down there and we then conducted a lot of preparatory work for our visit to Newcastle."

Some people still find the situation slightly baffling - Corbyn couldn't find two seats together to sit with his wife, so chose the floor?

Something tells us that this isn't the last we'll hear about the ever-unfolding drama that is #Traingate.