The pictures of this Northern Irish strongman's breakfast will put your cereal to shame


For breakfast on Tuesday, Sean O'Hagan didn't just grab a mere slice of toast or crunch on a pitiful piece of fruit. Instead, the 26-year-old strongman tucked into nearly four plates of Ulster fry, which are groaning platters of bacon, sausage, soda farls and potato bread served at Crumlin Road Gaol.

He joked: "I am always hungry."

Niall Carson/PA
Niall Carson/PA

The near 7ft tall heavyweight is preparing for the Rudridge Ultimate Strongman Giant Weekend, which begins on Thursday in Belfast. And prepare he did, his fried feast consisting of 400g of baked beans, 400g of chopped tomatoes, soda farls, potato bread, 12 rashers of bacon and 12 sausages. However, the black pudding wasn't quite to his taste and was mostly left behind (and we don't blame him).

Strongmen eat a whopping 10,000 calories a day, and most consume about a kilogramme of steak daily. This means that their shopping bill can come to up to £400 a week - definitely not your average Tesco shop.

This was most certainly was a treat day for O'Hagan, who says he eats a healthy diet 90% of the time.

(Niall Carson/PA)
(Niall Carson/PA)

O'Hagan washes cars to make ends meet, saying "The sport is so small and everyone wants to see big guys lifting all this big weight but the council in Banbridge does not even recognise the sport as a sport, so it is hard."

His favourite events are the tyre flip, farmers' walk - lifting two weights on either side and carrying for a distance - and lorry pulling.

"I have not been beaten in the last four years at the lorry pull so it is a good event," he says. He's aiming for a podium top three finish in this weekend's competition, which has been organised by renowned strongman Glenn Ross from Bangor in Co Down.

(Niall Carson/PA)
(Niall Carson/PA)

Mr Ross said: "People can die doing this, it is as simple as that. You are lifting a thousand pound tyre and if it falls on you it will crush you to death."

"They are pulling seven tonne trucks, planes, trains; it is the sort of sport that has people in awe of them. They are superhuman these guys, they train hours a day, seven days a week at times.

"The preparation is pretty brutal leading to the event and the competitions normally are brutal as well."

Yikes - safe to say being a strongman isn't for everyone. We might just stick to just watching the competition.