Australian Radio Station respond to a sexist complaint in the best way possible


This morning the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) responded back via Twitter to a listener who complained there were too many 'giggling female' radio presenters on air.

Radio station 612 ABC Brisbane received an email complaint about their predominantly female presenters, and responded via Twitter.

The complaint said: 'Today on 612 all the programmes were presented by poor quality female presenters. Other Brisbane stations employ male presenters but 612 are increasing their number of giggling females whose poor quality voices and speech show how far 612 standards have fallen.'

The ABC hit  back with: 'In 2016 we weren't even aware that having an all-female presenter line up was even worth talking about. So we won't. Except to say that we're incredibly proud of all of our talented broadcasters, even the blokes.'

'Thank you Terri, Kelly, Katrina, Emma, Sarah and Rebecca!'

This direct and to the point response has sparked a keen reaction from listeners and tweeters

The station is proud of the fact that three of the most prominent timeslots are hosted by female presenters.

These include Mornings with Kelly Higgins-Devine, Drive with Emma Griffiths and Evenings with Sarah Howells.