Advert for Volvic mineral water axed due to fears its slogan may offend Catholics


Volvic have discontinued a poster promoting orange-flavoured mineral water in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland for fears it may offend Catholic people.

Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliot told the Belfast Telegraph that the decision was "political correctness gone mad".

Elliot is an Orangeman, meaning he is a member of the Orange Order - a Protestant organisation. It was thought that the Volvic advert's slogan "orange and proud" could be interpreted as support for the Orange Order which might alienate Catholics opposed to the alternate Christian ideology.

French multinational food company Danone who produce the mineral water said: "We are aware of the sensitivities, which is why these posters will not appear in Ireland, Northern Ireland or Scotland."

Police officers watch Loyal Orange Lodge parade
Tensions have been high historically between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland and police often attend Orange Order marches (Brian Lawless/PA)

Belfast Orangeman Nelson McCausland described the move as a "daft decision", saying: "The Orange Order is also active in England - it has a substantial presence in Liverpool, for instance, where it marches every year. Yet the posters aren't being withdrawn there. It is all utterly illogical."

The posters will still appear on advertising boards in England and Wales and the drink will still be available to buy in the countries where the posters have been banned.