Johnny Depp 'cut off fingertip during fit of rage', court papers show

Johnny Depp Reportedly Cut off Fingertip in Fit of Rage

Johnny Depp's estranged wife Amber Heard has included a graphic photo of the actor's bloody finger in court documents after he allegedly cut off the tip by accident during a fit of rage.

Depp, 53, also dipped his butchered finger in blue paint and wrote "Starring Billy Bob Easy Amber" on a mirror, the papers in Heard's domestic abuse case against Depp reportedly claim.

The writing refers to actor Billy Bob Thornton, according to Heard, who was her co-star in The Informers and London Fields and with whom Depp believed she was having an affair.

Court papers obtained by TMZ claim Depp was drunk and high on ecstasy during the incident in March 2015, a month after their wedding, and smashed bottles and windows and also slammed a plastic phone against the wall unit.

Heard claims a piece of one of the items cut off a portion of the middle finger on Depp's right hand.

Gruesome photos of the injury have emerged, along with a photo of Depp's alleged scrawl on the mirror.

The court papers also claim that Depp, who was in Australia at the time, did not have the finger treated for 24 hours and doctors had to fashion a new tip using skin from his hand.

Claims of domestic abuse against Depp emerged after Heard filed for divorce in May, citing irreconcilable differences.

In court papers filed in Los Angeles, the 30-year-old actress said Depp had a "history of drug and alcohol abuse" and been "verbally and physically abusive" for the entirety of their four-year-relationship.

She submitted photographs appearing to show her bruised face, which she said was a result of Depp throwing a mobile phone at her.

Representatives for Heard and Depp have been contacted for comment.