Jeremy Corbyn spoke at a BAME rally in London


Jeremy Corbyn has hit out at authorities who "indulge in an orgy of xenophobia and racism" rather than focusing on providing local services and developing the economy.

Standing on a fire engine, the Labour leader spoke to hundreds gathered at a black and ethnic minority rally at Highbury Fields, north London, on Monday evening.

Adding fuel to his campaign to retain the party leadership, he spoke particularly about discrimination against black and ethnic minorities, and how it has a knock-on impact on the economy.

He said: "To those who indulge in an orgy of xenophobia and racism, you may well have a problem. You can expend a vast amount of energy abusing your neighbour and creating and atmosphere of hate... but in that time you have not employed a single nurse or built a single school."

Corbyn pledged to act against austerity by investing in workers' rights, not saddling students with debt, and funding new housing.

He said it is necessary "to bring communities together, because that has got to be the only way forward".